The Vaccine Schedule: How Is It Determined And Why Is It Important?

Last updated on May 15th, 2021

A vast array of childhood infections can be prevented by starting immunization early and sticking closely to the vaccination schedule laid out by the below childhood vaccination checklist created by This carefully researched schedule removes all doubt from the equation and ensures that children remain up to date with immunization. Some parents remain suspicious, however, as they don’t understand why the schedule is designed the way it is.

The Importance of Early Vaccinations

Many parents express doubts about the early age at which children are vaccinated. While it may seem alarming to expose newborns and infants to the causative agent of an infectious disease (or its byproducts/substitutes), extensive research indicates that this approach is most effective. Children are most vulnerable to the diseases for which they are vaccinated when they are under the age of two, and yet, this is exactly when vaccinations have the biggest impact on their immune systems.

Why So Many Doses?

Vaccinations begin early, but regular doses continue through the first several years of childhood, with periodic updates and the addition of a few new vaccinations later on. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, many vaccines will not work as well as intended unless children receive three or four doses. These doses need to be spread out a certain amount to work best.

Although the recommended vaccine schedule is appropriate for most children, there are occasional exceptions. For example, experts at the Mayo Clinic do not recommend that children with HIV use the typical schedule. In such rare exceptions, it is imperative that parents work with physicians and other healthcare professionals to come up with an acceptable alternative.

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