About Microbeonline.com

Microbeonline.com is an online guidebook of Microbiology, precisely speaking, Medical Microbiology. In this blog i am/ will be sharing  information and resources about pathogenic bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites.  I am trying my best to make this site user friendly and resourceful with timely/updated  information about each pathogens,  disease caused by them, pathogenesis and laboratory diagnosis.

I am/will share information about different tests used in laboratory diagnosis, media used in microbiology lab, interesting facts about each microorganisms. You will also be challenged by Multiple choice Questions (MCQs) in Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology and Immunology sections.

As the blog post were written on the basis of memory/ideas generated during teaching learning activities. If did not mention/ failed to mention any proper citation on any blog post, this does not mean that i don’t acknowledge  the work of  writers/publishers. The information in this site are collected from various text books and online microbiology sites. I am highly indebted to all of them, whose work is cited/referenced in this website.

I respect the copyright of all publishers and tried to avoid using copyrighted materials (without taking consent) in this site. If i have done anything like such unknowingly, please let me know in the email address microbeonline@gmail.com, i will remove those contents within seven working days at most (As i might not check the email regularly and might be visiting some rural places where the internet is not available)

Finally, i expect your feedback, comments, or suggestions. Your guidance will inspire me, to make this site an innovative and interactive platform to share/learn Microbiology.