Immunology MCQs and Answers (1-10)

Last updated on June 6th, 2021

  1. Specific immunity can be acquired either naturally or artificially and involves
A)  all of the below.
B)  antibodies.
C)  antigens.
D)  the classical complement pathway.  

2.  Which DOES NOT provide long-term immunity?
A) Artificially acquired active immunity
B) Artificially acquired passive immunity
C)  Naturally acquired active immunity
D) None of the above  

3.       An epitope is
A) a B-cell.
B)  a hapten.
C)  an antibody.
D) the antigen determinant site.    

4.       An immunoglobulin is a
A) carbohydrate.
B)  fatty acid.
C)  glycoprotein.
D)  protein.  

5.  Isotypes refers to variations in the:
A)  heavy chain constant region.
B)  heavy chain variable region.
C)  light chain constant region.
D)  light chain variable region.  

6. The Fc region mediates all of the below EXCEPT binding to
A) antigen.
B) lysosomes.
C)  some phagocytic cells.
D) various cells of the immune system.

7. Which of the following is the major immunoglobulin in human serum, accounting for 80% of the immunoglobulin pool?
A)     IgA
B)      IgD
C)      IgG
D)     IgM  

8.  Which immunoglobulin is the least prevalent?
A)     IgA
B)      IgD
C)      IgE
D)     IgM

9.  Which of the following is useful to STIMULATE antibody production?
A)  An adjuvant
B)   A hapten
C)   Antiserum
D)   Purified antigen
E)   Crude antigen  

10.   Compared to the secondary antibody response, the primary response
A)     attains a higher IgG titer.
B)      has a longer lag phase.
C)      persists for a longer plateau period.
D)     produces antibodies with a higher affinity for the antigen.  

Answers key of the above mentioned Immunology MCQs

  1. A (All of the below)
  2. B (Artificially acquired passive immunity)
  3. D ( the antigen determinant site)
  4. C (glycoprotein)
  5. A (Heavy chain constant region)
  6. A (Antigen)
  7. C (IgG)
  8. C (IgE)
  9. A (An adjuvant)
  10. B (has a longer lag phase)

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