Journey to Atlanta to participate and present in ASM MICROBE 2018

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Last updated on April 4th, 2018

Dear all

I am excited to share with you all that, main authors of, me “Tankeshwar Acharya” and my wife “Nisha Rijal” is travelling to Atlanta to present findings of our research in “ASM Microbe 2018”. ASM Microbe 2018 will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center from June 7-11, 2018.

Both of our papers have been accepted for poster presentation in ASM Microbe 2018. We will update about our research and findings after we conclude our presentation in Atlanta at ASM Microbe 2018.

We will be standing next to our posters like this

There are Eight Tracks in ASM Microbe 2018 which are:

  1. Microbial Ecology and Evolution (MEE)
  2. Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance (AAR)
  3. Applied and Environmental Science
  4. Clinical Infections and Vaccines
  5. Clinical and Public Health Microbiology
  6. Host-Microbe Biology
  7. Molecular Biology and Physiology
  8. Profession of Microbiology

Whatever is your current expertise, you will find something innovative and exciting in this event. You can choose one of the above tracks to narrow in on your scientific niche, and can have opportunity to meet and interact with the experts in your field.

ASM Microbe brings the opportunity of learning, connecting with new and old friends, exchanging information and ideas. Microbial scientist from >100 different countries will present in this event to share information about their current research, so its a great networking event for people who are devoting their career for the advancement of Microbiology, be it fundamental science or its applied aspect.  We hope to have connections and expand our professional networks by participating in ASM MICROBE 2018.

Atlanta where ASM Microbe 2018 will take place (Image source: ASM)

If you want to participate in this the most important meeting of microbial scientist of all over the globe, the registration is open.

Based on your current status (ASM Member, Student, PhD Student, Postdoc Member etc) the registration rate will vary. ASM Member can save up to $225 in registration. Whatever is your current status, you will get heavy discounts in registration if you register on or before April 26, 2018. Standard registration fee will be applicable from April 27 onward. Registration fee includes all conference materials, access to all scientific sessions, social events, and the Exhibit and Poster Hall.


Finally we are thankful to ASM for providing us ASM MICROBE 2018 TRAVEL AWARDS “ASM Student and Postdoctoral Travel Award” and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Travel Award for Scientist from Low and Low Middle Income Countries”.

See you at Atlanta!

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