How I became Microbiologist- my interview in idstewardship

Last updated on September 11th, 2016

July 21, 2016:  I had tight schedule this July. I was so engrossed in my daily routine: regular lab works, ongoing student’s examinations along with added responsibilities in my personal life that I lost the track of time which increased piles of unread emails in my inbox that needed to be acknowledged. That day, I managed to read and reply all emails I got in  Most of the emails were usual; the queries from my valuable readers regarding the confusion/problem they have either in their Microbiology class or on working bench of their laboratory.

My story my life

One of the emails seemed unusual; the subject “interview request” drew my attention. It was an email from Timothy P. Gauthier, in which he had expressed an interest to interview me in his famous column “One-On-One” for the website idstewardship is one of the leading pharmacology website  which  aims to help current and future healthcare practitioners and  others too.

After few email exchanges, we became ready for the interview. The interview has now been published in  idstewardship.

 You can access full interview here.  

 In this interview, you can find more information regarding my academic journey, my motivation regarding founding among others.

Finally, I am grateful to idstedwardship team and personally to Timothy P. Gauthier for providing me this great opportunity. I am equally thankful to you all.

If you want to share your views, suggestions regarding my interview, email me or let me know in the comment section below.

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