MCQ on Virology: Hepatitis and related Viruses

In this blog, I have posted few multiple choice questions regarding Hepatitis Virus properties, lab diagnosis, vaccine etc. Some of the below posted questions are simple to solve if you applied simple logic as you can find right answer by excluding wrong answers, even if you dont know the right answer, but if you know background information required to solve those questions. But some questions are quite tricky and you are likely to be prey, by choosing the option, which was provided to entice you to click and trap.
I am not posting right answers of those questions right now, because it kills your creativity and your reading habit, just give a try. If any confusion you can ask me later.
  1. …….. are the only viruses that produce genome DNA by reverse transcription with mRNA as the template.
    a. Hepadnaviruses b. retroviruses c. Influenza viruses d. SARS viruses
  2. ……….. virus is also known as enterovirus 72?
    a. Hepatitis A b. Hepatitis E c. Polio d. Rota
  3. ………… virus is a defective virus?
    a. Influenza b. SARS c. Marburg d. Hepatitis D
  4. Which of the following statement about Hepatitis virus is not right?
    a. Chronic carriage of HBV is much higher than the rate of chronic carriage of HCV
    b. Hepatitis D Virus has only one serotype because HBsAg has only one serotype
    c. Hepatitis E virus does not have carrier prolong carrier stage
    d. Person immunized against HBV will not be infected by Hepatitis D Virus
  5. Which of the following statement regarding Hepatitis B Immune globulin (HBIG) is not correct?
    a. Hepatitis B Immune globulin (HBIG) contains high titer of HBsAb
    b. HBIG is prepared from sera of patients who are recovered from hepatitis B.
    c. HBIG is used to provide immediate, passive protection to individuals
    d. HBIG is not recommended to give to a newborn whose mother is HBsAg positive, because their blood already contains HBsAb.


  6. Which of the following statement regarding Hepatitis Virus culture is right?
    a. Both Hepatitis A virus and Hepatitis C Virus has not yet been grown to cell culture
    b. Hepatitis A virus can be grown to cell culture but Hepatitis C virus has not yet been grown in cell culture.
    c. Hepatitis C virus can be grown to cell culture but Hepatitis A virus has not yet been grown in cell culture.
    d. None of the Hepatitis virus (HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV, HGV) grows in cell culture.


  7. Which of the following statement(s) regarding laboratory diagnosis of Hepatitis virus is/are misleading?
    a. Recombinant Immunoblot Assay (RIBA) is one of the confirmatory test used to diagnose HCV infection
    b. The most important laboratory test for the detection of early HBV infection is the immunoassay for HBsAg
    c. The detection of IgG antibody in patients serum is the most important test for presumptive diagnosis of HAV infection
    d. The diagnosis of HDV Infection in the laboratory can be made by detecting delta antigen.

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  1. I am not sure about all answers, but i tried to reach without any assistance (like a guess)
    1- retrovirus
    2- hepatitis A
    3- hepatitis D
    4- b
    5- d
    6- c
    7- d

  2. Asma i appreciate your answers but for question no. 1, you fall prey to trap answer. The right answer is not retrovirus. for question number 2 and three you have given right answer and the rest of the answer is wrong,wish you give right answer to all the questions in next try.

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