Key Phrases Used in Microbiology Lab Reports

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Gram-positive Bacteria

Fig: Characteristic shape of S. aureus and V. cholerae
Fig: Characteristic shape of S. aureus and V. cholerae
  1. “Gram-positive cocci in clusters” may suggest Staphyloccocus species.
  2. “Gram-positive cocci in pairs and chains” may suggest Streptococcus species or Enterococcus species.
  3. “Gram-positive diplococci” may suggest Streptococcus pneumoniae.
  4. “Branching Gram-positive rods, modified acid-fast stain positive” may suggest Nocardia species.

Gram-negative Bacteria

Candida albicans: Germ Tube Positive
Candida albicans: Germ-tube positive


  1. “Acid-fast bacilli” or “AFB” may suggest Mycobacterium species.
  2. “Germ-tube negative yeast” suggests non-Candida albicans yeasts.
  3. Candida albicans is a germ-tube-positive yeast.
  4. “Budding yeast” suggests yeast.
  5. “Fungal elements or hyphal elements” suggests mold.


Antimicrobial Guidebook University of Nebraska Medical Center

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