MCQs on History of Microbiology (Part One)

  1. MCQ History of Microbiology One: The epidemic that infected Europe, Middle East and North Africa and killed tens of millions of people was known as the Black Death.
    The disease was caused by

a)      Anthrax

b)      Breathing of foul air

c)       Bubonic plague

d)      Small pox

e)      Swine flu

MCQ History of Microbiology Tw0: The event that triggered the development and establishment of microbiology as a science is the

a)      Development of Microscope

b)      Germ theroy of disease

c)       Spontaneous generation

d)      Use of disinfectants

e)      Vaccinations

a)      Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

b)      Louis Pasteur

c)       Robert Hooke

d)      Robert Koch

e)      Semmelweis

a)      Francesco Redi

b)      Joseph Lister

c)       Louis Pasteur

d)      Robert Hooke

e)      Robert Koch

a)      Allow the multiplication of microbes in the broth

b)      Implicate the role of flies in the development of maggots on rotting meat

c)       Pasteurize the meat broth

d)      Prevent air from entering the flask

e)      Trap the microbes and prevent them from reaching the broth

a)      Edward Tatum

b)      Eile Metchnikoff

c)       James Watson and Francis Crick

d)      Oswald Avery, Maclyn McCarty, and Colin McLeod

e)      Paul Ehrlich

Red’s Experiment; proved maggots came from flies


Answer Keys of MCQs in Microbiology

1. c) Bubonic plague

2. a) Development of Microscope

3. a) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

4. a) Francesco Redi

5. e) Trap the microbes and prevent them from reaching the broth

6. c) James Watson and Francis Crick

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