Freelance Writer: Microbiology

Microbeonline is looking for a freelance writer with stellar academic records for writing engaging content on various disciplines of Microbiology. The candidate is responsible for creating content in a prescribed format.

The candidate must be able to write quality and engaging blog posts in any field of Microbiology (Agriculture, Food, Environment/Public Health, Medicine) or newer diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Immunology, or related disciplines. 

Position – Few


  • Master’s degree in Microbiology (completed or running), preferably Ph.D. in Microbiology
  • Excellent English language skills (reading, writing, and typing).
  • Should show excellent editing and proofreading skills (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.).
  • Should have a strong drive for success and can work during off time, odd time, and can contribute as/when needed. 
  • Should be well-versed in modern forms of communication and social media management skills.
  • Knowledge of SEO will be an advantage. 

Experience: Freshers can also apply. 

Time: Flexible

Salary and Benefits:

For the published articles, remuneration will be paid at the end of each month on a pay-per-word basis ($0.01 to $0.03 per word). For people with an excellent track record of writing, THERE IS NO BAR ON remuneration.


Applicant should be well versed in common web content writing practice, which includes:

  • Succinct, fact-filled content
  • Address search intent well
  • An engaging, active tone
  • Writing broken up by subheadings
  • Use of bulleted lists
  • Embedded links throughout the text
  • Concise and coherent content
  • Plagiarism free

If the above quality matches your traits, skills, expertise, and educational qualification, please send us your CV and commitment letter to Also, provide us with links to any of your social media profiles/websites/articles if you think they are relevant.

Screening and selection will be based on your commitment and your track record of performance related to the work areas.