Award in Microbiology: Microbiology Society Prize Medal

By Acharya Tankeshwar •  Updated: 05/03/21 •  2 min read

Society for General Microbiology Prize Medal which is renamed ‘Microbiology Society Prize Medal’ is awarded annually to a microbiologist of international standing whose work has had a far-reaching impact beyond microbiology. The winner receives £1000, a prize medal, and gives a lecture on his/her work at a society meeting. The lecture is usually published in a Society journal. The first medal was awarded in 2009.

Rules for Microbiology Society Prize Medal

  1. The Microbiology Society Prize Medal shall be awarded annually to a microbiologist of international standing whose work has had a far-reaching impact beyond microbiology.
  2. A search committee appointed by the SGM Council will put forward nominations for the Prize Medal. Members of the Council will also be able to suggest names. The proposals will be ranked by the search committee and the recommendations presented to Council for a decision to be made. Each proposal will be supported by a statement describing the nominee’s microbiological research and its wider impact, a brief curriculum vitae of the nominee, and a full bibliography of his or her work.
  3. There shall be no restriction by means of age or nationality of those eligible for the Microbiology Society Prize Medal. The nominee need not be a member of the Society. Recipients of the Medal may not be nominated on a subsequent occasion.
  4.  The recipient of the Prize Medal will be expected to give a lecture based on the work for which the award has been made to a meeting of the Society. The recipient will be strongly encouraged to publish the lecture in one of the Society journals, whichever is the most suitable. The decision will be at the discretion of the Editors of the journals.

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  1. Ayesha says:

    I m searching on advances in microbiology from year 2010-2019.
    Can u please provide me a link or give me any information regarding it. I’ll be very grateful to you.

    • tankeshwar says:

      Hi Ayesha, I have to check again if there is a single site/post to provide such information. You can find it in various sources by doing a search using such keywords in google.

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