MCQ in Medical Microbiology, Immunology MCQs Answers

Belows are the Key of already posted MCQs in Medical Microbiology and Immunology. If you landed to the keys for the first time, first attempt the MCQs by clicking the links provided below. Write the right answers key in rough paper and check with the given key later. In this way you can improve your Immunology knowledge. Viewing the answers and just copying the given questions and provided answers and making note won’t improve your skills.
Try these questions

MCQs (1-10)
MCQs (11-20)
MCQs (21-30)
MCQs (31-40)
1.       A
11.   A
31. B
2.       B
12.   C
32. B
3.       D
13.   D
33. E
4.       C
14.   D
34. C
5.       A
15.   A
25. C
6.       A
16.   D
7.       C
17.   B
27. A
37. A
8.       C
18.   D
38 A
9.       A
19.   C
29 D
39 A
10.   B
20.   A
40 B and D

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